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All businesses who wish to add an event, claim their free business listing, add a special or advertise their business on our website( must first register an account. To do this is very simple and only takes a minute. Detailed instructions are listed below.

Before creating your account please read the 'Terms and conditions' listed in the FAQ's.

1. Click the 'Register' button located above the main menu.

2. You will see the below fields, all need to be completed, all self explanatory.

5. Once you click on the register button an activation email will be sent to the email

    you entered during registration.

6. From your mailbox you will find the activation email, open the email and click on the

    link, your new account is now activated. Be sure to add this email to the safe list to ensure you receive future correspondence and announcements from us.   

7. Proceed back to the main menu at drinkspecials and click 'login' tab above the main menu, use the username and password that you selected during registration.

8. You can now proceed to register your free business listing or claim your existing listing, add events and post specials.

9. For more information on how to add you business, post events and post specials check the FAQ's   

Click here for detailed Terms and Conditions when using

To add your free listing you must first register an account with us, this is done by clicking the Register tab located above the main menu. For more details read the FAQ 'How do I register an account'  

Once your new account has been created successfully and you login to the site place your cursor over the 'Directory' link on the menu bar, the 'Add your business' option will appear. Click on this link to take you to the entry form.

The fields with an asterick are compulsory and must be filled to complete your listing.

The first selection you will come across is the Upgrade Package, there are two options to choose from here. The Basic and Premium package, select the Basic to continue with your free listing.

The Premium package offers many more features which can be found in the FAQ titled 'Why should I upgrade my business listing to Premium'.

FYI - You can update your listing to Premium at any time you wish.

For now leave this option on Basic.

Let's proceed with the options.

Business Details:

Here you will need to enter your business name and select your business type from the drop down. Choose the most appropriate, if a choice is not available please contact us.

Business Description: 

Here you have space for 1300 words to describe and promote your business.


Enter the postcode, suburb and city or town of your business, this helps visitors find your business.

Business Categories:

From the left had box titled 'Available categories' select one or more options, your selections will move to the right hand box titled 'Selected categories'.

Business Details:

The best way to complete this section is to begin entering your business address in the box below the example that is provided. Start with the number, street name, suburb etc. As you enter your address you will see addresses listed below, continue entering your address details are shown and select it. This will populate the below fields automatically.

Business listing secondary locations:

This feature is currently not available for free or premium users. We will inform you once this is up and running.

Business Contact information:

The ony compulsory field is the Telephone but you can complete the mobile phone, email and fax fields as well. This email is used when visitors click the 'Contact Business' box when browsing your listing.

Business Contact Person:

These details are not displayed in your listing for the moment, contrary to what is written.

Lastly tick the box next to 'I agree with the terms and conditions' and click SAVE.

Congratulations, you have now created your free business listing, the administrator will approve your listing, usually in 3 business days.




All new listings require approval before they are listed on our website, once approval is made it allows you to post events and add advertisements on the specials board.

We therefore take the time to verify that all details are correct.

It usually takes us 3 business days to approve new listings.

All advertisements need to be approved by the administrator, before we publish your ad we make sure that the ad meets our requirements, such as image size, the correct category has been used etc.

Ads are usually approved between 1 - 2 days but most ads especially with our regurlar customers are approved with 24 hours.

To register an event you must register on our website and add you business listing(this is free). To get details on how to register check the title 'How to register an account' in the FAQ's.

To begin adding your event hover your mouse over 'Events' found on the main menu bar another option will appear titled 'Add your event', click this option.

This will display the options required to successfully post your event.

Let's run through the available fields.


In the subject field begin by entering your business name and then the event. As shown in the example below.

e.g Winery and Brewing Company - Wine tasting


From the drop down select the most appropriate city or town where the event will take place. If you are a large business with stores country wide and the event is taking place in other stores you can simply hold down the CTRL key and select your desired regions and/or cities.

Please note, if you are a winery then please choose from the winery category that is listed for each state. It makes it easier for visitors to find your winery event.

Access Level:

Leave this option as Public.


Here you can explain your event in detail. There is also many features you can use on the Toggle Editor to make your event listing look professional and chic.


Enter the address of the event.


Enter any contact details that you may wish to pass on to visitors to your event. This is not a mandatory field.

Extra Info:

Add any extra information that may be required. This is optional.

The next section begins here titled 'Start, End, Duration'

The options here are:

All day event or unspecified time:

Click this if it's an all day event in which case you don't need to complete the start and end date and times.

Start date:

Click the calender icon and select the date you wish, then move across and enter a start time.

End date:

Click the calender for an end date and end time, you can tick the 'No specified end time' if required.

Repeat type:

There are five options here click the appropriate one.

Congratulations you have created your event, at this point please be patient as the administrators will need to approve it. Once approved it will be there for all to see.

If it is urgent you can contact us .





You can only add an event and/or advertisment on our website once you list your business in our directory listing.

Adding your free business listing is easy, for more details check the FAQ titled 'How do I add my free business listing'

This is a free entry and enhances the integrity of our website.

Only businesses wanting to list their business, add events and post specials require to register. All public members wanting to browse this site to find all drinks related information do not require to register. Just browse and enjoy this site.

Although if you would like to receive updates on alcohol specials, events, news and reviews then simply click 'SUBSCRIBE' which is found on the right hand side of the HOME page.

Complete the three requirements and your away. 

To receive regular updates you must subscribe to our newsletter.

You will see a SUBSCRIBE button which is only found on the home page in the right hand column. 

By clicking the SUBSCRIBE button it directs you to another page, here you will need to enter you name, a valid email address and select the state you are interest in receiving information for. You can only choose one state. To get updates on another state you will need to resubscribe with another valid email address.

Once you subscribe you will need to validate your subscription by clicking on the link in the email that we send you, simply head over to your mailbox and locate the email. If it's not in you mailbox check the junk folder and place us in the 'safe sender' list to enable you to receive updates from us.

If you are still experiencing problems please drop us a line by click 'contact us' in the main menu and then clicking the 'contact form'

The businesses that qualify to add a free businesses listing at are those that sell alcohol as one of their primary businesses functions or their business is based on the alcohol industry, such as winery tours organisers, brewery product manufacturers. 

The list below are types of businesses that qualify.

Liquor stores

Bottle Shops





Winery tour operators

Who sell distillery products etc.

Supermarkets that sell a wide range of alcohol.

We do not accept restaurants that are licensed to sell alcohol.

Alas, there are always grey areas in life so if your not sure please drop us a line.



We have many advertising options, some a free and some are paid. The paid options are at a very affordable price. Our goal is to offer very competitive prices to small to medium businesses that sell alcohol as their primary business.

Here are some ways to use drinkspecials to promote your business.

Directory listing

Event listing

Advertise your specials

Featured listings

Add your banner and logo

Reviews and write ups of your business

Facebook exposure

Twitter exposure

Send messages, specials and more to our subscribers.

For more detailed information please drop us a line using the 'Contact Us' on the main menu.

Prices vary depending on what your needs are, we specialise in small to medium businesses and therefore keep our prices at a very competitive rate.

If you fall in one of these categories contact us immediately to discuss your advertising options.

At the moment we have many free options and some paid options.

The paid options are nothing like what you would expect to pay at some of the bigger directories.

All our prices are very competitive and reasonable.

For more details about advertising with us select 'Contact Us' from the main menu bar.

Having a premium listing will set you apart from the listings.

The below chart lists what options are available for the Free and Premium Listing.

As you can see the Premium option offers real value when compared to other business listing sites.

To show the power of a premium listing check an example of one of our test listings by clicking here.

As you can see  everything related to your site is in one place and showcased in a professional manner.

We have a separate menu item named 'Offers', your businesses Offers will be displayed here and are linked back to your business listing. The Offers section is very popular with visitors so having great offers will stand you out from the crowd.

The price of $249 per year works out to under $5 per week, this is great value in anyone's language.

Get started today!

  Free Listing Premium Listing
Business name Yes Yes
Business contact details Yes Yes
Business address Yes Yes
24/7 access to change listing details Yes Yes
Map of business location Yes Yes
Link to your website No Yes
Displayed above free listing in search results No Yes
Comprehensive business description No Yes
Company logo No Yes
Photo gallery for 5 images No Yes
Promote business offers No Yes
Contact form No Yes
Promote to your social signals No Yes
1 month free feature listing No Yes
Promoted to drinkspecials social networks No Yes
Attach youtube video No Yes
Can use html in business description No Yes
Cost Free $249 per year

By claiming your business it allows you the ability to make changes to your listing anytime you wish.

The following steps will describe the process needed to claim your listing.

  1. You must first login to drinkspecials
  2. If you haven't already done so, please register by clicking 'Register' above the main menu and complete the information required. If you get stuck take a look at 'How do I register an account' in the FAQ section.
  3. Once you have registered and successfully logged in you must locate your business listing. There are 2 ways to go about this.
  4. The first method to claim your business is to hover you mouse over 'Directory' on the main menu and you will see another option called 'User Control Menu', click this option. This will bring up a control panel, the first box allows you to 'Search and claim your business'. Enter you business here either using the full or partial name of your business.
  5. The other option is to simply click 'Directory' on the main menu and search your business using the search option. Enter the full or partial name of your business and click search.
  6. If you don't find you business listing you may create your own listing by hovering over the 'Directory' menu and selecting 'Add your business'. For details you can read the FAQ titles 'How do I add my free business listing'. 
  7. Now that you have located your business it's a simple matter of clicking on the green 'Claim Business' button.
  8. Once you click 'Claim Business you will be requested to fill out some details as shown below.

Claim Business

The business can be claimed by one of the owners or a legal representative

Hereby I declare that I have the right / are entitled to represent the business
I agree to the terms and conditions

Complete all options and click 'Claim Business' at the bottom. Be sure to read the terms and conditions which can be found in the FAQ section.

       9. Your next step is to go to the 'User Control Menu' this can be found by hovering your mouse over the 'Directory' menu option.

10. Then click on the box titled 'Manage your business Listing', now you will see your claimed business listed.

11. Your business should now be listed, click on the business and you can now change the details of you business. Be sure to write a detailed business description. You have 1300 characters to add as many details to give visitors a better understanding of your business and what you have to offer.

You have now 'claimed you business' and have the ability to make changes when you desire.

Upgrading to the Premium package will offer many additional features such as images, video, logo, website link and much more.

For a detailed description see the FAQ titled 'Why should I upgrade my business listing to Premium'    





Creating Offers is a great way to get people excited about visiting your establishment.

Creating them is very easy but is only available to Premium Listed users.

To created one head over to your 'User Control Menu'. Hover your mouse over the Directory menu and select 'User Control Menu' from there. You will then be requested to login if you have not already done so.

In the 'Control Panel' you will see a box titled 'Manage your specials Offers'. By clicking on this box it will bring you to a page with all your Offers listed. It will be empty if this is your first time to this area.

Click the box titled 'Add special offer'

Let's run through the options.


Enter the name of your offer or whatever you would like people to see, something catchy is always good.

Offer description:

Explain the offer in detail here.


Enter the regurlar price of the offer.

Special price:

Enter the discounted price of the offer. 

Start date:

When does the offer start, just  alter the date that is already displayed there.

End date:

Enter the date or change the existing date showing when the offer ends.


In the drop down select the business you would like this offer for.


From the drop down set this to active or you can leave it inactive and come back and change it anytime you wish.

Offer pictures:

Finally you can upload an image that of the offer or an image that best describes it or even a picture of your business is effective.

Congratulations you have created your new offer.

Approval may take up to 3 business days depending on workload.




To must be logged in to manage your events.

Hover your mouse over 'Events' on the main menu and select 'Manage Events' from the secondary menu that appears.

You will see a list of events but you can only modify or delete your own.

If you don't want to sift through all the events go down until you see the option 'Only show my events', from the drop down select yes, Now you will only see your own events.

Click the 'modify' option next to the event.

Now you can modify the event.

Please note that once the event is saved it will need to be approved again by the administrator.

Upgrading to the Premium Package gives you powerful features to make an awesome impression to visitors and potential customers.

Firstly you must register and login to drinkspecials.

Check the FAQ titled 'How do I register an account' for details on registering an account with us.

Once you have logged in you can either 'Claim your business' if it's already listed or create a new listing.

Let's run through the process of creating a new listing.

Once logged in hover you mouse over the 'Directory' menu and select 'Add your business' from the secondary menu.

Let's run through the options.

Upgrade Package:

From the drop down select Premium Package'

Business Details:

Enter your business name, Website link and Business type.

The website link format should look like this example

Business Slogan:

Enter a short and suggestive slogan

Business Short Description:

Include a short description of your business

Business Description:

Here you have 1300 characters so you can be detailed and by using the Toggle Editor you can create a proffesional description by using some colour, fonts, bolding, paragraphs, font size, styles and more.


Enter the postcode, suburb and city

Business Categories:

From the box on the left titled Available categories select the appropriate category.

Add image to represent your listing:

Here you can include an image of your business or other appropriate image. Simply click browse and locate the image on your computer to upload it.

Business Details:

Below the example provided and above the words 'street number' begin entering the address of your business. As you enter the address you will see suggested addresses, select the correct one. This will complete the remainder of the fields automatically.

Business listing secondary locations:

This is not available at this point in time, appologise for the inconvenience. We will inform you when it becomes available. Just leave this field.

Business Contact Information:

Complete all the necesary fields, the telephone field is the only mandatory field, the others are optional.

Business Contact Person:

These options are optional.

Business Pictures:

Here you can upload 5 images, the procedure is the same as we did earlier for uploading the logo image.

Business Videos:

You are permitted one video to share in your business listing. If you have a youtube video you can copy the embed code. This is simply done by going the video in youtube click on the share button below the video and then select the embed option. This will display a link that begins somthing like this <iframe width etc. Copy this code and paste into the box provided and your done.

Social Networks:

Here you can enter your social networks for Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Now click save. Once approved you will be able to see your listing in the Directory.

You can also update anything in your listing by going to your 'User Control Menu'

Now tick the 'I agree with the terms and conditions' and clikc SAVE.

You will now see your new listing which will be waiting for payment.

Click the 'Pay now' button.

We have three options available for payment.

They are Paypal, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

To pay by either Paypal or Credit Card, tick the Paypal option and click Continue.

This will redirect you to either paying by Paypal or Credit Card.

If paying via Paypal select 'Pay with my PayPal account' or if you are paying via Credit Card complete the necessary fields and clikc Pay at the bottom.

By selecting the Paypal method you only need to enter your Paypal email and password then login to complete your payment.

Once paypment is complete approval is required by our Administrators which usually take 1 to 3 business days.

The other option you will se is Bank Transfer, this is simply by deposting funds in the bank account specified. Tick the 'Bank Transfer' option and click Continue.

You will see a message 'The payment details have been sent'. An email will be sent to the email you provided in the business listing. Please check this mail box to obtain the banking details.

When you receive the email you will notice the BSB details are missing, we are in the process of fixing this issue but in the meantime the bank details are displayed below.

Bank name Delphi Bank
Bank address 365 Chapel st, South Yarra, 3146
Bank account name drinkspecials
BSB 941304
Bank account number 204800001


Once funds are received we will approve the listing between 1 to 3 business days.









You firstly need to register and login to begin adding your post.

Take a look at the FAQ's on how to register.

Once logged in using your login credentials hover you mouse over the menu titled 'Specials Board'. You will then see another selection appear 'Add your specials', click on this option.

Next you will see a selection of packages that you can choose from, the Gold package is the dearest but per post is the cheapest option.

Choose the appropriate package and select the buy button.

This brings up the package information, click the Buy button again to continue.

The cart will then be displayed with the order details, click proceed.

There are 3 payment options availabe at this time, one being paypal, Credit Card and the other is offline.

By ticking Offline then clicking checkout you will be taken to the bank details that you deposit the funds into. Once funds are deposited your package will be approved and you may proceed to add specials. You will be notified once package is approved.

The Paypal is convenient and very secure. If you don't already have a paypal account it's very easy to setup.

If you decide to pay via Paypal tick the Paypal button and click Proceed.

This will bring up your Payment Confirmation. Click Pay Now located at the bottom of the confirmation.

You now have the option of paying via credit card or paypal.

Continue through the payment process you decide, once payment is complete you will see an option to 'Return to drinkspecials'. Click on this to be taken back to the site.

Now let's continue to add your specials.

Hover your mouse over 'Specials Board' on the menu and then select the 'Add your Specials' menu. This will now take you to the 'Add your Special' options. Let's run through them now.


Add the name of your specials, i.e Scotch, Slab of Crown etc.


Insert the price of your specials.


In the drop down select the type of drink, spirits, wine liquors etc and click OK.


Here you select the region of your business, unfortunately for the moment you are only able to select one category. If your business is Australia wide you can add that in the description. Or you can create more posts and add each individual region.


Enter your address as shown in the example below. It's important to use the same format to enable the map to show your location correctly.


Please enter you postcode here.

Special Expires:

This is an optional field to be used if the special you are offering has an expiry date.

Business Name:

Enter the name of your business


A description about you product, add some detail to attact your visitors


Click on the plus icon in the middle of the box to enable you to upload an image of your special.

Hint: The best images are produced when you take a photo of your product by either using a camera or a phone that has a decent resolution.

Enable Map:

Click Yes to enable the map or leave as is. Having a map is recommended.

Terms and Conditions:

Tick this box, for a detailed description of our Terms and Conditons can be found in the FAQ's.

Security Number:

Please enter the alphanumeric displayed here

Then click Post.

Your post is now ready for approval which normally takes between 1 to3 business days.

Congratulations, you have created a Specials Post,






Managing your specials is extremely easy.

First login using your login details.

Hover your mouse over 'Specials Board' on the menu bar and click through to 'My Items'

Your specials items wil be displayed.

From here you can Delete or Edit them, once edited enter alphanumeric and click the terms and conditions and click edit.

Once approved by out administrator the special will be live.

You will receive an email once the specail is approved.